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About me


My name is Nicola, I'm 30 years old and live in Northern Germany, near Hamburg.

I worked as a zoo keeper for 6 years but then I changed the business line for nearly 6 years. From march of 2013 to december of 2018 I worked as a saleswoman in a shop for wall coverings, wall paints, carpets, curtains and such things.
Since January of 2019 I work on a dairy farm :-)

In 2013 I got my first snake. It was an adult male cornsnake. He was really aggressive, so I sold him a few month later. After that I bought 2 adult female cornsnakes.
After a few years with just 2 corns, I got 3 females and 1 male in 2017.
They liveed together before, so I expected fertilized eggs. Only a week later, the ladies laid their eggs.

I started planning my own breeding because I really love snakes and after a few years of getting experience I thought I was ready for it.

The babys of 2017 have been so adorable that I decided to breed by myself.

My first planned clutches have been in 2018 :-)


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